Aki sprite copy

Aki was a member of the lower Kitsune clans that settled in the area. Like most of her clan, they were eager to marry into the Dragon Lord's family for power. Unfortunately, Michiko beat her by a landslide. Aki married Michiko's son, Goro as recommended by her clan. She was to end his life and become a benefiting widow. But she failed in her task, which only earned her Michiko and Ryuu's ire. She and her clan have been banished but sneaks in from time to time to try and restore her clan. 

Fun Facts

  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Lesser Kitsune
  • Was a potential concubine for Ryuu
  • trained as a spy and assassin
  • Favorite Tea: Roobios
  • Special Power: Fox fire, Floating, Smoke screen
  • Goals: Get revenge on Michiko, win Goro back, assassinate target

Love Life

Aki was always unlucky in love. Being selfish by nature, she has a hard time balancing in relationships. In training, she was taught how to use her body as a tool for manipulation, which worked on a younger Goro. However, the relationship was built on false premises and ended in a doomed failure. Aki did start having feelings of true affection for Goro, but by then it was too late. 

Love Style: Self-Serving/Puppy Love