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The Common Route occurs when the first tea house has a low rating (5 Cafe Points or less). To avoid this route, you have to get at LEAST 6 cafe points. 

Once this route starts, cafe points are reset to 0. Guy points don't matter in this route only Cafe Points. 

To get the Good Ending, Cafe Points need to be between 1 and 6.

To get the Bad Ending, Cafe Points need to be between 0 and -6

Good Ending Choices

  • Rose Fires Yuuto
  • Rose keeps Katsuro around
  • Osamu fires Goro
  • Rose tells Kichiro to brew tea
  • Osamu fires jiro
  • Rose chooses

Bad Ending Choices

  • Osamu Fires Yuuto
  • Osamu Fires Katsuro
  • Rose tells Goro to keep out of the way
  • Osamu Fires Kichiro
  • Rose fires Jiro
  • Rose Refuses