Jiro was the first son born after Ryuu became ruler. He was always spoiled by Kimiko but also groomed to rule. He's looked forward to submitting his brothers, so he was probably the most upset by this "game". 

Fun Facts

  • Prefers to be called by his title or honorifics 
  • hates his brothers
  • Groomed to rule
  • likes to smoke
  • enjoys art and is an accomplished artist himself (mostly painting)
  • Favorite Tea: Jasmine
  • Tea House: Victorian
  • Special Powers: Flight, Artistic eye, painter
  • Goals: Reclaim his right to the throne, banish his brothers

Love Life

Jiro has been kept apart from most society and is expected to marry well. Jiro has fully accepted this fate and views romance as fluff to keep business pleasant. He has courted a few suitors but ultimately turned them down for political reasons. He's not very inspired by his parents relationship, and secretly hopes that his future isn't as bleak. 

Love Style: Transactional/Sensitive

Fanart Gallery

Useless Facts

Things about the character that definitely will not crop up in the story but I thought about anyway. It helps inform the character.

  • Hogswarts House: Gryffindor
  • Bending Style: Fire
  • Voltron: Red Lion
  • My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash/Gilda
  • Rock Band Instrument: Rhythm Guitar
  • Orchestra: Harp
  • Jug Band: Washboard
  • Light Saber Color: Yellow
  • Myer-Briggs: ISFJ

Graphical Needs

  • Default Home robe
  • Work Clothes: Sleeveless top, kung-fu pants, smock apron
  • Formal Attire: Han Dynasty Style clothes
  • Common Restaurant: Kung-fu pants, kimono top
  • Osamu: Candy Striped apron, vest and shirt combo
  • Chinese Tea House: Cheogosan Outfit, crane design
  • Imperial Tea House: Fantasy Victorian coat tails, fluffy cravat, think vampire
  • Indian Tea House: Yoga pants, long loose tank top, shrugged off coat
  • Country Tea House: Ranch hand trimmed, long apron with horse shoe, black jeans and boots, kerchief worn boyscout style
  • Butler Tea House: Boy lolita. Shorts with long stockings and garters, vest and blouse
  • Imperial: Same as father's, different color
  • Human outfit: Formal top with tie, suspenders, brown slacks