He was adopted by Kimiko and Ryuu when they first moved to America. They found him abandoned by the local deities. Kichiro grew up a hard worker and voracious student. Eventually, he was "replaced" by Jiro. He still considers them his family, but has not ignored the fact that he could rule if he wins this game. 

Fun Facts

  • Employs sprites to help him organize and tidy his library
  • Studied the art and culture of his adopted partents to blend in
  • Works as a minor minister in the palace
  • Eldest in age to all the sons
  • Tea Expert, but a terrible cook
  • Favorite Tea: Green Tea
  • Tea House: Traditional Chinese Tea House
  • Special Power: taming sprites, high leaps, basic spells, Glamor
  • Goals: Gain throne and surpass expectations

Love Life

Kichiro is very private about his personal life and relationships. Like most aspects of his life it's methodical and calculated. Kichiro does have a playful side to him though and enjoys teasing his signifcant other. Kichiro has reincarnated so it is likely he had offspring in a previous life. He's mostly asexual.

Love Style: Refined but playful/moderately affectionate

Useless Facts

Things about the character that definitely will not crop up in the story but I thought about anyway. It helps inform the character.

  • Hogswarts House: Ravenclaw
  • Bending Style: Air
  • Voltron: Green Lion
  • My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle/Sunburst
  • Rock Band Instrument: Keyboard/Keytar
  • Orchestra: Flute/Organ
  • Jug Band: Harmonica
  • Light Saber Color: Green
  • Myer-Briggs: ISTP

Graphic Needs

  • Default red and black Kimono with black jacket: Rabbit-Moon emblem
  • Formal Heian Period kariginu - black or cream colored
  • Common Route: Slacks, apron, kimono style top
  • Osamu Route: Candy Striped apron, vest, slacks
  • Chinese Tea House; Large sleeved, puffy pants, robes
  • Imperial Tea House: Victorian Butler, tailed coat
  • Indian Tea House: Arabian pants, button up brocade style top (think Prince Ali)
  • Country Western House; Ranch-hand trimmed shirt, string tie, short apron, dark jeans, boots
  • Butler Tea House: White ruffle tail-coat, white gloves, slimming vest, white slacks, pocket watch.Cravat, large crosage
  • Human Outfit: Black turtleneck (cowl neck style almost/mock turtle), fatigued jeans
  • Imperial Outfit: Secret