Sieghild sprite

Lady Sieghild

Sieghild was given to Ryuu as a concubine to make peace with the Western Dragons. She's very laid back but prone to feisty moods. She's very open about her relations with Ryuu which the other concubines and wives do not tolerate. She is very proud of her son Katsuro who is likewise protective of her. He tolerates no harsh word against her. Although, he doesn't really enjoy his mom's brazen tales. 

Fun Facts

  • Sex: Female
  • Species: Western Dragon - Red Clan
  • Taller than the Dragon Lord, Ryuu
  • The only partner that still has feelings of affection for Ryuu
  • She was a warrior-priestess in her clan prior to the arrangement
  • Can't cook
  • Favorite Tea: None
  • Special Power: Fire element powers, flight
  • Goals: Make Katsuro successful, have more children

Love Life

Sieghild is a bit addicted to being pregnant. She probably pesters Ryuu the most for procreative purposes. To be fair, she only has eyes for Ryuu and is the only concubine/wife to remain faithful to him. Sadly, the love is rarely returned. She has laid a few eggs since Katsuro, but he is still the only surviving child. This continues to devestate Sieghild, but she doesn't give up. 

Love Style: Passionate/Physical