Lucky is a sassy, crafty servant and assistant to Rose. Her no-nonsense attitude does a lot to help Rose deal with situations. She may have a secret agenda, but she is otherwise an open book. 

Fun Facts

  • Species: Cat Sidhe
  • Sex: Female
  • Lucky is not her real name, but an alias. Like all fae they protect their true names. 
  • Servant appointed by Osamu to work for especially low assignment
  • Also works for Goro as a spy
  • Actually doesn't mind humans
  • Loves to sew and design cute outfits for women

Love Life

Lucky is flippant about love. She enjoys the more physical aspects of it, but once satisfied is ready to move on. Like a true cat, she never settles. 

Love Style: No Attachments/Physical Only

Graphical Needs

Maid Outfit

Black and Purple Butterfly kimono/Alt: Gothic Lolita

Spy Catsuit