Osamu spriteprev

Osamu Sprite


Osamu is a relative of Ryuu and the Head Servant in the palace. He commands both fear and respect from the sons. For a time he was Jiro's tutor. He also sees some advantages that he can press with this Tea House game. 

Fun Facts

  • Species: Eastern Dragon - Air Element
  • Sex: Male
  • A stickler for rules and protcol
  • Not thrilled with the "game" 
  • Lost the throne to Ryuu in the past...still sore about it.
  • Was a tutor for Jiro and Kichiro

Love Life

Osamu never settled down and remains a bachelor. He does have someone he's sweet on. 

Love Style: Ludus (Love is a game)

Graphical Needs

Restaurant Manager Attire

Imperial seal