Phil sprite

Phil Mannot

Phil is the owner of a struggling tea house/cafe/bakery that he opened with his wife years ago. He wants to make sure that Rose is taken care of so he happily employs her. He and Rose have always been close, but especially so after Diane left.  He was a photographer.

Fun Facts

  • Age: 57
  • Sex: Male
  • Species: Human
  • Last name pronounced MAH-no, most pronounce it MAN-not or MAN-it.
  • Used to be a traveling photographer when he was with Diane
  • Loves Asian culture, but no sense of appropriateness (very touristy)
  • Still does photography on the side...mostly weddings to help support the restaurant. 
  • Still friends with his ex-wife and her new spouse
  • Often lonely
  • Favorite Tea: English Breakfast Tea
  • Special Power: Photography
  • Goals: Take care of Rose, Keep restaurant in business

Love Life

Phil was a long time partner to Diane before marrying her when Rose was concieved. They divorced when Rose was around 20. It had reportedly been a loveless marriage after a few years. Diane moved on as did Phil. He's had a few girlfriends since but no one serious. 

Love Style: Partnership