Ryuu is the current ruler of this portion of the spirit plane. Prior to that he ran a mildly successful tea house with his wife Kimiko . He wants to retire and pass on the gauntlet to one of his sons in a bloodless competition. He devises the idea of hiring a human to restore the old tea house with his sons and judge who is most worthy. 

He is friends with Maria-Louise whom he met at a local coven. 

Fun Facts

  • Has two wives and two concubines for political reasons
  • Prior to ruling, owned and ran a tea house 
  • Favorite Tea: All teas
  • Special Power: Brewing Tea, Crossing into the human plane, water element powers
  • Goals: Retire in a bloodless transition

Love Life

Ryuu has an interesting situation where his position granted him multiple wives and concubines. When he was married to only Kimiko, he was much more affectionate. Since then, it's a bit of a chore and not very appealing anymore. 

Love Style: Transactionary