Yuuto is a lazy, apathetic middle child. He feels no real connection with his family. He prefers to play and dance. He knew nothing would be expected of him, which is why this tea house thing is a bit of a pain. 

Fun Facts

  • Enjoys spa treatments
  • Stays out of his brothers way
  • Is known to dance every now and again
  • Unlike his mother, he's not a vegetarian 
  • Dress Style: Middle Eastern
  • Favorite Tea: Floral Teas (it changes often)
  • Tea House: A Health Spa
  • Special Power: Fortune Telling, sleeping through anything, dream walking
  • Goals: Enjoy life to the fullest

Love Life

Yuuto never really cared too much for maintaining relationships. It's too much of a chore. He doesn't mind a short fling for fun every now and then, but commitment scares him. Yuuto is bi-romantic but has the same hang-ups with physical relationships as his mother. So, still a virgin asexual. 

Love Style: Puppy Love/Companionship

Useless Facts Edit

Things about the character that definitely will not crop up in the story but I thought about anyway. It helps inform the character.

  • Hogswarts House: Hufflepuff
  • Bending Style: Water
  • Voltron: Yellow Lion
  • My Little Pony: Rarity/Prince Blue Blood
  • Rock Band Instrument: Drums
  • Orchestra: Triangle
  • Jug Band: Jug
  • Light Saber Color: Blue
  • Myer-Briggs: ENFP

Graphic Needs

  • Default Prince (done)
  • Formal Prince: Puff pants, sash belt with beads, white top, long jacket, sash with beads and tassels, gold collar, head wrap (near turban), gold earrings.
  • Work clothes: Lounge pants, halter top
  • Common Route: Slacks, apron, kimono style top
  • Osamu Route: Candy Striped apron, vest, slacks
  • Chinese Tea House: cheongsam
  • Imperial Tea House: Military long tail jacket, pinstripe vest
  • Indian Tea House: puff pants, jeweled collar, open front sleeveless wrap, OR Indian man formal attire)
  • Country Western Tea House: leather rawhide pants, ranch trim shirt, bandana
  • Butler Tea House: pants with ruffle ankles at inseam, ruffle lolita long tail coat, Big Bow around neck.
  • Human: loose dark sleeveless shirt over white tank, string necklaces and bracelets, loose off shoulder open front shirt, cargo pants. (Beach Bum)
  • Imperial: Peacock King